Candles, Fragrance Lamps and Diffusers


At Doolally we stock a wide range of beautiful items to fill your home with fragrance including candle tins from Lily - Flame, Ashleigh and Burwood fragrance lamps and fragrance oils and their stunning range of "Wild Things" diffusers and candles. 

We also stock an extensive range of incense sticks. 

All available to buy in store.

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"Britain’s Best Loved scented candle maker

The scores on the doors reveal that Lily-Flame is the UK’s number one favourite scented candle maker.

More people enjoy burning Lily-Flame candles in their homes than any other British Made scented candles."

"Real people, real candle-makers…"

"The industry standard leaders who invented the ‘candle in a tin’…"



"Our Fragrance Lamps fill your world with fragrance like nothing else. The Fragrance Lamps’ catalytic combustion technique actively purifies, cleanses and perfumes the air in the home."

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"Designed only for use with our stunning Fragrance Lamps, Lamp Fragrances work to actively purify, cleanse and perfume the home, promoting wellbeing and creating your desired atmosphere."

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WILD THINGS                                                        

Vibrant and luxurious, every item in the Wild Things collection is created to make a style statement in the home - with its cute and quirky animal-inspired vessels.

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